Session cost is $110 (incl HST). Health insurance receipts are issued that are accepted by most insurance companies. Package discounts are available at 4 sessions for $400 and are paid upfront.

Please click on Jaya’s online calendar to book an appointment at her Ottawa Office or at her Gatineau office or for a distance session (you will need to create a login name and password to do this). If you are having a distance session, please let her know in the subject line of a separate email (unless you are a regular distance client).

Please note that if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you need to do so directly in the online calendar 48 hours prior to the appointment start time or you will be charged. Please do not email or text Jaya to cancel your appointment for you. If you need to change it, please click on the URL in the appointment confirmation email that you received and cancel the appointment there or by logging directly into the online calendar.  (You cannot cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before it begins in the online calendar). If the calendar is not working for any reason, please feel free to contact her to let her know.

If this is your first BodyTalk and/or Somatic Experiencing session, please download and complete this Health and Well-being Form, and bring it along with you to your session: Health and Well-being Form

Please also note that Jaya likes to see new clients once a week for 3 weeks, so if your are booking your first session, book all 3 or it will take longer for you to get in for your 2nd and 3rd sessions.

Hours and Location*

  • Every other Monday in Gatineau ~ 10am~4pm

  • Tuesdays in Ottawa ~ 10am~3:45pm

  • Wednesdays in Ottawa ~ 10:30am~4:15pm

  • Fridays in Ottawa ~ 11:30am~5:30pm

*The above hours vary on occasion and are reflected in the online calendar. If you are challenged to see Jaya during these hours, please email her and ask for additional availability.

Jaya’s Ottawa office is located at 484 Gladstone Ave. (at Lyon St.) Jaya’s Gatineau office is located at 69 Eddy St. (at Hotel de Ville St.). Details regarding free parking at both offices is noted in the appointment confirmation email that you will receive when you book into the online calendar.



 Distance Sessions

Distance sessions are available by Skype or phone and can be paid via PayPal or electronic banking. They take place using the same method and have the same results as in-person sessions. 

Dr. Don Pilipovich, Auccupuncturist, RMT and former BodyTalk Instructor, as well as two Doctors from the Centre of Biofield Sciences in Pune, India completed a study on BodyTalk distance sessions. They measured real-time changes in the human energy field via photographs taken before and after distance sessions.

You can view those images here: what happens in a distance session!

In addition, Dr. Laura Stuve, molecular biologist, two colleagues from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Dr. Janet Galipo, Dr. of Chinese Medicine, led a study on the efficacy of BodyTalk distance sessions in the treatment of chronic pain. The evaluation of these sessions suggests that it significantly improved pain levels, as well as fatigue and other emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain.

The following evaluation was published in the Journal of Pain Management 2015, vol. 7, #4, pp. 279 – 290: BT Chronic Pain Evaluation.



Payment can be made by cash or check. If you are paying electronically by Interac e-transfer or PayPal, please pay prior to your session. (Please note that PayPal fees are included in the prices below).


Therapy Sessions