• December 26, 2014
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Much time has passed and amazing things have happened as life continues to open and show me the way back home.
When we open to life, it opens to us and we can celebrate and embrace the guidance and opportunities that it offers. When we are invited into the unknown, life is asking us to broaden our sense of self, to re-evaluate the roots that have taken to the earth, occasionally shaking them in ways that allow our foundation to either crumble or strengthen (or often crumble and then strengthen!)
What is our most common response to this invitation? Do we close down, resist it, dance to its music or push and pull somewhere in between? In the moment, I find myself dancing and occasionally feel fear arising.
I just returned from 3 weeks at an Ashram (a spiritual hermitage or monastery) in the south of Portugal where I was constantly directed back into the self that I am; the awareness that is watching all unfold; that which exists outside of the bounds of time and space. In moments when this was touched, the freedom and vast love that arose and spread across my chest was mind-blowing. It allowed for all of eternity to enter in an instant and for all that was not resonant with this, to drop. (What a relief!)
How often do we allow life to lead us to and then let us rest in this place? How often do we let it dictate our thoughts, words and actions? How often do we embrace and integrate the wisdom that life is revealing to us? How often do we truly touch the essence of who we are?
I invite you to enter into this place and access the knowingness that this is who you truly are, and allow all else that is substitute, to drop. 
Remember who you are. It is the only way to find your way back home.
All of my love,

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