Expressing Anger!

So this morning I was driving my 3.5 year old son to his part~time childcare and just as I started to sing, he quickly informed me that he wanted to listen to music. When I told him no, I wanted to keep singing, he began to cry.
Cry and cry and cry.
It was about 8:15am and the noise felt hard for me to take. I asked him to stop and told him that he can't always get what he wants. I waited while he cried and asked him to stop again. He kept crying. Finally, I turned around and yelled at him, Enough!
Then he really started crying.


The expression of anger. We all experience it and it often relates to setting boundaries for ourselves (which 3 year olds enjoy to push!) In Chinese Medicine, anger can take the form of resentment, irritability, frustration, etc. and is quite healthy to express.
What I have learned from studies of various Eastern philosophies is that expressing any emotion is perfectly fine; it is a problem only if we hang on to the scenario or emotion following its expressiont, e.g. when we rhumenate on it for hours and days and wonder how we could have gotten so angry, so overwhelmed with grief, anxiety, expressed so much fear, etc. Instead, when any number of emotions arise, we can chose to welcome them, express them and move on.
Of course if we have routine explosions of anger (or any other strong emotion), it is a good idea to check in and see what else is going on, e.g. constricted liver qi (energy), unresolved triggers, trauma, remaining in an unhealthy home or work environment, etc. We may also repress the strong emotions that we feel, which will eventually be reflected in our overall health in one way or another. 
The good news is that BodyTalk is a wonderful energy therapy that helps to shift these charged emotional patterns at their roots!
If you require support with shifting either excess or repressed emotions, feel free to be in touch for a BodyTalk session. If not, express on!
Be well,

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P.S. Ever notice that children don't hold onto their emotions (unless they learn that they have to) and forget about them within minutes of releasing them? Maybe we have something to learn from them as well!







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