The Space Behind Thought

Lately I have been connecting to the space that is behind thought. When I notice that my attention gets pulled to any one thought, I feel the charge that may be there for me, e.g. why it has taken my attention, and then watch it go by.
As a great teacher of mine says, if the mind is a hotel, my thoughts are like tourists, none of them have to stay. As I witness this process unfolding and connect to this space for longer periods of time, a great feeling of lightness and happiness sets in. This is what life is like when thought is not at the centre, nothing seems to matter
Events become important only if we believe that they are important. If not, our attention does not have to stay with them. Events come and go. The awareness or space behind thought is unchanging.
When we remain connected to ourselves as awareness, we realize the lasting happiness that we are and one of the greatest gifts to us all.
It is our birthright to be happy and free. Try the practice out for yourself and see!
Be well and take the time to connect,

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