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Sitting in a coffee shop on a beautiful late summer day in Ottawa sipping on a delicious cup of mint tea. How I savour the time alone to write and share whatever current musings on life are arising. Today, relationships and our guts!
Relationships are up and down, hot and cold, pushing and pulling, mediocre and awe~inspriing; in short, always changing, always growing, always interesting whether we are partnered, familied, friended, parented, sistered, brothered, we are all almost always, relating.
So what are some of the insights that I've gleaned about these recently? If you’re not getting along with your partner, or any other relationship, find out if there is something wrong with your guts!! (instead of simply your mind!) I have had challenges with my partner as of late and had the most amazing therapy treatment this morning that released so much physical “crap” from my body (guess what therapy it was?!) and feel better than I have in years! What an amazing experience.
One often looks to the psychology, or mental patterns, or him or her; myself, I love to look at energy. But then sometimes getting right down to the physical is just what we need!
Stay attuned to your guts, e.g. if you feel pain on an ongoing basis, bloating, gas, inflammation, indigestion, irregular bowel movements, etc. In addition to the mental/emotional messages they may be trying to give us, an out of balance colon is also an indication of many other physical issues that may be going awry, particularly in relation to our immunity. A healthy digestive system is central to our overall physical and mental health and absolutely essential to feeling more energy (so that it doesn’t all go to digestion all of the time), eating more of what you want, being able to digest it - along with the rest of life, absorbing its nutrients and last but not least, actually thinking straight! (The small intestine acts as a 3rd brain in the body and is constantly sending messages to the brain via the Vagus nerve, guiding us how to think and feel based on our current environment, what to digest and what to leave behind, as well as how healthy the flora of our intestines is!)
Thank god for colonics and for this present clear and burden-free state of mind. Also for relationships that show us where we get stuck (both physically and mentally) and help us to celebrate our good health when it returns!
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