When Things Fall Apart

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Lately I have been met with various challenges in life. Some that I have responded to gracefully and some less so. In moments, I have been surprised by the calm that has taken over during an amazingly difficult situation and the pure, raw emotion that was expressed and released following. In other moments, I have been fighting what's happening like crazy.
The thing that I notice the most is that in between thoughts, when I am able to  completely accept what life has given me, tremendous ease arises and there is not so much of a problem. There is only the unknown. This can also feel stressful or not, depending on whether I am present here and now or if my attention is focused on the future.
As my tendency to overreact lessens over the years (THANK GOD!), I am still aware of when and where I do and how this shows up in my physiology in various ways, e.g. digestive upsets, immune overreactions, nervous system aggitated etc. I am grateful for these signs that ask me to slow and calm down, e.g. to turn out the lights and go to bed early, to sleep more, eat good foods, exercise, meditate, get a massage, BodyTalk or other Therapy session, take a weekend trip to the yoga Ashram and above all, give myself time and space to process what is happening. I am so grateful for these tools!
The simple remembrance that this too will pass is often enough to get one through when things seem otherwise overwhelming. That the well~spring of intelligence within is enough to guide us home.
May all beings be well,

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