New year, new brain, new life

New year, new brain, new life

Neuroplasticity refers to our brain’s ability to change its synaptic wiring by learning and integrating new information throughout our lifetimes. It allows us to evolve our emotions, thoughts and behaviours, and go beyond living from memory and/or diseased or injured states.

Both BodyTalk energy therapy and Somatic Experiencing trauma integration therapy, can help us to form new neural connections by changing and/or discharging stuck energy and integrating new energy back into our nervous systems. Symptoms often arise if this stuck energy, and related unhelpful mental, emotional and physical patterns remain unchanged to tell us that a shift needs to happen. When we introduce energetic changes into our nervous systems, chemical and physical modifications occur to all 3 brains, which begin to signal our genes differently and subsequently enhance our overall health.

To truly bring about sustainable change to our lives, we need to transcend the energy that is generated by our current neural circuitry, and stop collapsing into the same, old patterns that we call ‘us’, which correlate with the same unhappy choices and/or addictions that we commonly experience. We can do this through the support of alternative mind/body therapies, like BodyTalk and Somatic Experiencing. We can further the effects of these therapies by doing guided neuroplasticity meditations daily (see my latest free “Rewire” meditation in the Shop on my website!) to encourage our brains from surviving to thriving.

“I am deeply moved by Jaya’s gentle guidance. In only two sessions to date, she helped me access and shift old blockages in my body that left it physically much freer, and me with immense peace in my heart. Jaya is an insightful professional whose services I would highly recommend”.     

– DP, Ottawa