“A new client came into my office last week that had a brain tumor removed 1.5 years ago and had since lost most of the motor movement on the right side of his body. His arm could not lift and his leg, only enough to enable him to walk with a limp. He came back into my office this week and I asked him how he was doing. He confidently lifted his arm up to shoulder height, said his decades of daily morning headaches are completely gone and his 20 year sleeping pattern of waking up at 2am has now ameliorated to 4am.
– Shared with permission from Jean, Gatineau, QC

“Jaya’s BodyTalk sessions have quickly become a cornerstone on my healing journey. I am continuously amazed at the depth of transformation that occurs within each and every session. Never before have I experienced the benefits of therapy so immediately, nor so efficiently as I do during and after BodyTalk sessions. My health is improving tremendously and I am experiencing more joy and well-being in my life now than ever before. Jaya has a warm and joyful energy that has made me feel completely comfortable and able to receive the gift of this powerful medicine. BodyTalk has revolutionized my life. THANK YOU, Jaya!”
– Heather, Artist, Ottawa

I am extremely grateful for the 8 BodyTalk & Somatic Experiencing sessions I recently received with Jaya. I have seen a tremendous shift in my mind, body and spirit. Inflammation in my body, especially my colon has reduced, and my Rheumatoid Factor has lowered significantly. I have a sense of calm now and no longer feel that I am hypervigilant. I find myself able to attend and be engaged in social activities without anxiety. This continues to be a wonderful investment as through these healing sessions, I can be more present to each moment and also feel fully alive. Jaya is an amazing, knowledgeable, gentle healer and has the expertise to support you wherever you are. I have learned so much about myself and appreciate each session that I have. I wish everyone to experience the wonderful transformations that I have with Jaya. We are worth the investment.
– Carol, Ottawa

“Jaya, Thank you for yesterday’s session. You have a knack of articulating to me what is happening underneath my skin. My foot is so much better now–just like that, after weeks of being swollen, sore and burning. And, after weeks of feeling very overwhelmed, our session soothed and relaxed me. Today I am breathing more fully and the feeling of overwhelm has dissipated. A big thank you to your radiant self!”
– Lorraine, Yoga Teacher, Ottawa    

“My first appointment with Jaya was one of the most amazing experiences of my life; I could feel energy flow through me that caused me to twitch and shudder. During the session Jaya identified what could be the cause of my anxiety, and set out a plan to deal with it. I normally tend to be skeptical of alternative methods of healing, however, I do trust what my experience teaches me, and it has taught me that Jaya’s treatments are having a real effect.”
 – Anonymous, Public Servant, Ottawa

“Bodytalk sessions with Jaya provide a powerful space to focus on energetic structures that are at play just below my awareness. Jaya acts as an amplifier that helps me to see the patterns that are present in my body and mind and are influencing my choices, as well as, physical, emotional and mental states. Awareness, combined with the BodyTalk protocol, help to identify, shift and reorganize these longstanding energetic patterns. Things that were unconscious are now becoming conscious, which I am confident will lead to different choices in future.”
– Ellen, Government, Ottawa

“My BodyTalk sessions with Jaya have been both magical and liberating. Jaya has helped me to heal old wounds, emotional and physical, in a process that is gentle and non-intrusive. It is so simple: Jaya ‘listens’ to the intelligence of my cells and uses BodyTalk processes to heal what my body says needs healing. I have practiced yoga for years and done psychotherapy but with BodyTalk I have uncovered deep healing.”
– Joan Gamble, Retired, Ottawa

I love working with Jaya and have seen such a change in my day to day life, attitude and health in only two sessions.  Jaya is amazing and I am so thankful she is helping me find my way back to my authentic self through her work.  I only wish I started sessions years ago. It’s so much faster than other avenues I have done in the past and I can’t wait to keep releasing more!”
 – Julie Rehaluk, Mother, Ottawa

“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago, and have explored many ways to manage and cope with pain and fatigue with not much lasting improvement. After each BodyTalk and Somatic Experiencing session with Jaya, I have felt a noticeable reduction in overall pain, a much needed boost to my energy level, as well as a deeper connection to my own inner healing wisdom. Since we have moved our sessions online, I have been surprised and delighted by the similar effects of our ‘distance sessions’!

A gifted healer, Jaya’s innate abilities and extensive training truly facilitate total body/mind/emotion healing and realignment. Where I felt ‘stuck’ in my healing journey before, I now feel free to again move forward in giant leaps!”

– Jodi H, Smiths Falls

 “Hi Jaya, I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling really good, positive and have much more energy since our last BodyTalk/Somatic Experiencing session. My hip pain is also starting to release, which I am so grateful for. I had 4 or 5 bowel movements the day after our session (my body seems to be detoxing alot of waste that has been lingering). I feel that you really are an angel on earth. I know we heal ourselves and no one but us can do that….but, sometimes we need a catalyst. I so believe you have a special gift and a true desire to help heal the people who come to you. Thank you so much. I appreciate you!!!”

– Vesna, Ottawa

BodyTalk has been an incredible blessing for myself and my family and Jaya has been a huge part of this. Jaya put me at ease from the moment I met her, she answered all of my questions and queries in her calm demeanor and even managed to connect with my very busy 4.5 year old daughter. BodyTalk has helped me to regain movement in my shoulder (from an injury that happened over 25 years ago), decreased my environmental allergies, alleviated pain in my back and knees, but above all of that, it has helped my daughter to sleep longer and deeper at night than she ever has in her life (she suffers from sleep apnea). I am forever grateful for BodyTalk and Jaya”.
– Gayle, Mother, Braeside

“I come from an emotionally dysfunctional family. At 43, I broke off with them and felt split between standing up for myself and feelings of guilt for having “broken the family”. Unsurprisingly, at 52, I got colo-rectal cancer, that was cured by chemotherapy and radiation. And now at 57, I met Jaya… Jaya has patiently and lovingly helped me to reorganize the messed-up puzzle of my functioning and heal related childhood wounds at the cellular level. I am no longer emotionally involved with that dysfunctional family and feel more myself, complete and secure. That’s the beauty of Jaya’s work: instead of decades of therapy, it took just a few months because she worked at the source of the problem. I was amazed by her listening capacity, memory and focus on finding the right path to reconnect my psyche. With her prodigious intuition, she is a real Sherlock Holmes of quantum healing. Thank you Jaya.”
– Izzie, Artist, Kanata

“I’m a 62 year old female nurse, wife and mother living with scoliosis. I have had the privilege to work with Jaya for the past several months. My hamstring pain that was limiting my ability to walk has completely resolved using various energy therapy and Somatic techniques. I am also standing more erect and my balance is improving. The quality of my life has dramatically improved and I now have the opportunity to plan more travel and fun adventures.
Her positive attitude, warm smile, enthusiastic manner and professional approach help to provide a supportive environment. Jaya is a highly skilled expert practitioner in advanced energy practices. We are so fortunate to have her specialized skill set in our Ottawa community. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Jaya to you to explore your health care concerns and her contribution to improving your health.”
 – Andrea Fisher, Nurse, Ottawa

“I’ve had a small benign growth in my brain since I was born that has caused some undesirable effects. Jaya told me that with BodyTalk treatments the growth might disappear. Imagine my surprise when a recent MRI didn’t find the growth, and only after looking more closely did the technicians spot a calcified area where the growth had been. Thank you Jaya!”
 – Kieran, Public Servant, Ottawa

“I have been responding really well to that treatment that you gave me. I can feel a major change between balance of strength and use of the muscles between left and right legs. I’ve been doing some crazy fast times for running and riding over the past fortnight. Even when I was training for the Duathlon worlds, I couldn’t get my running between a 4 min 5 sec km. Last week for a 5 km run, I ran 3 min 45 sec… and then two days later ran 3 min 35 sec!”
 – Craig, Public Servant, Ottawa