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Repatterning your 3 Brains

Energetic patterns exist throughout space and matter and their alignment and structure is fundamental to good health, whether in our bodies or the Universe at large.

So, if the energetic patterns in our brain (and/or heart and gut brains) become dysregulated, how can we help to repattern them to reflect previous good health? And, how can we do this to address various related symptoms that arise such as, ADHD, depression, anxiety, heart or blood issues, or digestive and immune issues, etc.?

One way is to ask our innate intelligence, which parts and systems and/or which of the 3 brains need to resynchronize communication between and within them so that their functions can be reset to perform more optimally.

This is where BodyTalk Energy Therapy can help. The BodyTalk System harnesses the innate intelligence of the body and mind by using neuromuscular biofeedback to uncover the unique communication pathways that need to be reestablished so that the body can heal itself. As awareness is brought to ill adapted health patterns and suggestions for change are made, the body and mind integrate these so that old patterns can break up and reconfigure the neural circuitry to better reflect your optimal health possibilities. While this unfolds, people begin to watch many of their physical symptoms reduce or disappear, and feel more vibrant, alive and connected than ever, just as nature intended.

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