“10 Day Somatics & Ayurveda: Embodiment of Grace Retreat in Bali”

*February 22~March 2, 2024*

Join Jaya and Tiffany for an incredible Somatic and Ayurvedic experience to ground yourself into your body, and let your mind and Spirit soar amidst the moving beauty of the island. This Retreat will help you to trauma~inform your health practice and/or your life, and also provide tremendous Somatic, Ayurvedic and Yogic tools to transform your own health, that of your possible clients, family and friends.

The Island’s Temples will also bless you, your ancestors will have the opportunity to connect with you through Balinese Ceremony and Ancestor Festival, and the ocean, waterfalls and Water Temples will cleanse and nourish you!

Let this Island of the Gods take you into her sacred embrace and feed you through the energy of the one million prayers offered to her each day amidst the 1,000 temples tjat receive them. Allow your body to receive these beautiful blessings of Grace through embodied practice, learning, presence, nourishing food and beautiful community. We look forward to sharing an experiential, life~changing, and heartfelt 10 days with you!

Tiffany Nicholson~Smith is an International Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner (Doctor), and a Lover of Life, sharing the gifts of Meditation, Yoga & Ayurveda globally. Over the last 2 decades she has had the opportunity to study and submerge herself in ongoing teachings and extensive retreats with her teachers, immersing herself deeply into Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda. Tiffany is most known for bringing her clarity of sight and commitment towards revealing truth into each of her offerings.

She is the founder of Vichara Yoga, a very unique offering of Classical Yoga that combines the fullness of the Hatha Yoga Path along with deep Inquiry & Meditative presence. She has also founded Rasa Ayurveda, a School, Clinical Practice & Apothecary sharing the authentic, healing wisdom of Ayurveda. Tiffany lives in the forested hills of Quebec, where she teaches at her Vichara Yoga Shala and offers Ayurvedic consultations in her cozy clinic. She also travels worldwide offering Retreats, Trainings and Immersions/YTTs, as well as Ayurvedic Consultations and Private Sessions through her mobile clinical practice. For more info, please visit: www.tiffanynicholson-smith.com



7-7:30 am – Dinacharya

7:30-8 am – Meditation

8-9 am – Yoga

9-10 am – Breakfast

10-1 pm – Somatic and/or Ayurvedic Sessions

1 pm – Lunch 

1:30-3 pm – Integration Time / Outings

3-5 pm – Somatic and/or Ayurvedic Sessions

5-6pm – Yoga

6-7 pm – Dinner

7-8 pm – Evening Practices or Outings



Feb 22nd: Visit Pura Tirta Sudamala for Water Purification at this Water Temple and Waterfall on the way to the Resort.

Feb 24th Full Moon: Visit Pemuteran Temple, also called “hot spring temple” with holy water from a source inside the temple and do a water blessing, where many Balinese come to pray on Full Moon.

Feb 28th Galungun, Beginning of 10~Day Ancestor Festival: Make traditional flower offerings for the Ancestors and bring them to the 15th Century Pulaki Melanting temple, which also gives blessings to healers and for people’s businesses.

Visit to a Balinese Waterfall and swim in her waters.

Possible hike/s to other nearby temples for sunrise.

Some afternoons and/or evenings off to enjoy snorkeling, diving and/or spa treatments at the Resort.



Somatic Work:

  • Discovering & Uncovering your Nervous System
  • The Vagus Nerve, and how trauma both affects this sacred space within us and it turn can be healed and regulated
  • How to work with memory and track thwarted fight, flight and freeze (FFF) responses through related body sensations
  • Discharging engrained trauma response and rewiring how stress lives in us somatically
  • Identifying and integrating intergenerational trauma and calling upon ancestral healing to enhance our aliveness & joy of Being
  • Accessing emotions through the body, reconnecting with our intuition, and getting comfortable with healthy boundary-setting
  • Using the wisdom of neuroplasticity to help us transform the hormones of stress-related habit patterns and behaviors
  • Reorient to living vital, free, easeful lives
  • Discovering somatic exercises that can aid to ground, regulate and calm the Nervous System
  •  Enhancing your capacity for self-regulation and creation of new body memories for the life we long for
  • Employing trauma-healing as a portal to spirituality by waking up through the body, and living with embodied awareness
  • Healing session demos will take place with various individuals within the group that will illuminate the work and bring applicability


Vichara Yoga: 

  • Asana: Discover the profound wisdom of every unique sacred geometry
  • Bandhas & Mudras: Classical ‘locks’ and ‘seals’ that offer potent revelations
  • Pranayama: Experience daily extended practices of the classical pranayama techniques
  • Dharana: Concentration practices that amplify ones attention and clarity of mind
  • Dhyana: Daily Meditations at the beginning and end of each day
  • Subtle Anatomy: Chakras, Nadis, Gunas, Dhatus, Vayus and Koshas


  • Understanding the Doshas (Constitutions) as well as Prakruti & Vikruti
  • Exploring the 3 Pillars: Diet, Sleep & Sex
  • Exploring the 3 Causes of Disease
  • Developing a Dinacharya (Daily Routine) & Rutucharya (Seasonal Routine)
  • AyurYoga: Applying Ayurvedic considerations to our yoga practice
  • Simple Herb Preparation and uses
  • Ayurvedic Cooking & Mindful Eating – Rasas, Viruddhi, etc.
  • Agni & Ama
  • Introduction to Ayurveda – Mahabhutas, Doshas, Prakruti and Vikruti
  • Exploring the 3 Treatments for Health: Ahara, Vihara & Aushadhi

Other Offerings:

  • Nidra Yoga: The Yoga of Sleep, Dreams and the Power of Deep Relaxation
  • Nada Yoga: The Yoga of Sacred Sound, Rhythm & Mantra
  • Kriya Yoga: The Yoga of Purification of the physical, energetic and mental bodies
  • Kirtan: Sharing of devotional song, chanting and musical celebration



Private Bedroom in a 3 bedroom Villa: $2,200 USD or $3,000 CAD 

Sharing a Private bedroom (couple) in the 3 bedroom Villa: $1,900 USD or $2,600 CAD each

Shared twin bedroom in a 2 bedroom Villa: $2,065 USD or $2,800 CAD

Shared triple room in a 3 bedroom Villa: $1,900 USD or $2,600 CAD

All Villas have their own private pools!

Take $100 USD ($140 CAD) off! Earlybird until Dec. 21st, 2023

Feel free to send payment by Interac e~transfer to Jaya’s email or via Wise. If you prefer to send a deposit, cost is $1,000 CAD or USD. Payment can also be made via PayPal below (incl 3% surcharge). If you would like USD amounts for PayPal, please email Jaya and she can send you an invoice.

Ayurveda & Somatics Retreat ~ Options



Beautiful accommodation, incredible food that is complimentary to the Yogi lifestyle, wonderful outings, 1 traditional Balinese massage, 1 snorkel rental, most transportation

Pick up in Ubud at 9:30am on Thursday, February 22nd and drop~off in Ubud on Saturday, March 2nd around 3pm ~ Staying at a Resort in the Northwest in Pemuteran on the Ocean (3 hours drive).



Flights into Denpasar Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and then take a 1-1.5 hour taxi ($30 USD or $40 CAD) to Ubud. We will pick people up from there and return them there.

You will also need a visa. The 30 day B213 Tourist Visa (Approx $35 USD and $50 CAD) should work well. Please consult with Jaya directly before purchasing.


  • CE credits are available for Yoga Teachers and Ayurvedic Practitioners


Retreat Location


Temples, Water Temples and Waterfalls:


“Regulating & Reconnecting Training & Retreat”

Bacalar, Costa Maya, Mexico: March 10~17, 2023


Jaya and her dear friend and colleague Athena Guzman-Poole, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner (www.earthtempleretreats.com), are feeling so inspired to combine their expertise in Somatic Trauma Integration and Shamanics to offer you an incredible experience that you won’t forget! It will take place in Bacalar, Mexico, one of the “Magic Towns” (Pueblos Magicos) at a gorgeous vacation rental on the 7 colored, turquoise Lagoon (same waters as above ~ also see pictures below!)

The Somatic part of the training guided by Jaya, will help us to understand how trauma affects our nervous system, stress physiology, emotions, behaviours and our lives. It will also help us to identify trauma symptoms, ways to integrate them somatically, using various practices and exercises, as well as using Neuroplasticity.

Her content will primarily draw on the work of Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic trauma integration, and founder of Somatic Experiencing), Dr. Gabor Mate (Trauma expert), Dr. Joe Dispenza (Neuroscience and neuroplasticity), and Dr. Norman Doidge, (Neuroscience and neuroplasticity), and Betsy Polatin (MFA, Somatic, Breath & Movement Specialist).

The Shamanic part of the training, guided by Athena, will engage us in experiential and personalized journeys, to help to regain our ability to draw wisdom, guidance and support from the Universal field of energy, and return us to sacred relationship with the wisdom of our ancestors, as well as the land through Ancestral healing and Earth-based ceremony.

It is for practitioners and lay people, and can help to trauma-inform your practice, yourself and support loved ones with related symptoms.

This Program will help participants to explore the following themes:

  • What is the Central Nervous System, the Peripheral Nervous System, including the Autonomic Nervous System, and Somatic Nervous System, the Vagus Nerve, and fight, flight and freeze (FFF) responses
  • How to work with memory, including intergenerational traumas, and track thwarted FFF responses through related body sensations to help heal stress physiology somatically
  • Accessing emotions through the body, our guts (interoception) and getting comfortable with healthy aggression and related boundary-setting
  • How neuroplasticity helps with trauma healing, including related meditations, and somatic exercises to ground and calm the CNS, enhance capacity for self-regulation and create new body memories
  • Trauma healing and spirituality, increasing awareness and the pitfalls to be avoided
  • Shamanic Wisdom teachings on reading energy and recognizing issues, the practice of crossing over trapped ancestors, bringing healing down the ancestral line
  • Soul retrieval and ceremonial reclamation
  • Working with the principles of Ayni, abundance and living in right relationship
  • Learning how to make ceremonial offerings to the land, Despachos, fire offerings, land offerings, offerings to the guardians, and other practices
  • Sovereignty and the relationship of power; the misuse of power and power dynamics and staying in integrity on our path
We will also have an Aztec Elder and team guiding us in a Sweat Lodge, Pipe ceremony, and Athena will guide an optional medicine ceremony in the final days where you can integrate all within the context of ceremony.

Spontaneous somatic healing sessions/demos will be offered as appropriate to either an individual and/or the group to encourage the wellness of the whole. All learning will happen in an organic way, interspersed with teachings, sharings, ceremonies and somatic exercises. Each participant is encouraged to honor their capacity and not override their systems while participating in/integrating the material.

There are 2 options for energy exchange:
  1. Staying at a beautiful vacation rental ~ 10 spots only ~ that we have secured on the Lagoon, including meals, SUP boards and howler monkeys! for $1,750 USD ($2,400 CAD); or
  2. You can find your own accommodation in Bacalar (Buenavista neighbourhood) and join us each day for the retreat for $888 USD ($1,200 CAD), which also includes some meals, eg. Lunches.


The non-refundable deposit to secure your spot is $600 CAD, which can be sent via Interac e-transfer to Jaya @ energythrive.com or by PayPal below, which includes an $18 fee:

*This retreat is SOLD OUT!


Go to my Courses & Offerings page if you are primarily interested in the Somatic part of this course that I will be offering. I will be sharing this content online for 5 weeks starting mid~April, and in person at a Retreat Centre in Wakefield, QC, June 2~4, 2023.



“Jaya is amazing. She is a wise, old, strong soul with a big heart and carries it with humbleness. She is a very good guide, and very connected to energies, which was way beyond my expectation. I recommend her Somatic Training to everyone, as it is filled with so much useful information that can serves to heal and integrate all of the stressful, traumatic experiences that we go through in this life.”

~ Selin, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, Peru


“Before this retreat and training, I felt under-resourced as a professional when talking about core traumas with clients. Having had somatic healing myself, I had a knowing that this body of work could help me support my clients in my astrology readings. As a participant and student, I found that the work I was doing on myself was an ideal way of learning how to anticipate certain states from my clients, and how to manage these states with simple techniques.

Jaya’s approach is very informative, and I learned a lot from her demonstrations. Somatics contains a lot of explainable and unexplainable phenomena; Jaya holds these two worlds well as a teacher and healer. If you’re thinking of bolstering your healing or consultation practice with a foundational understanding of Somatics, a training with Jaya will absolutely support you in your personal and professional healing journey. Thank you Jaya!”

~ Emma, Astrologer, BC


Retreat Location



Feel free to also check out other amazing retreats and offerings by Athena and team at this link: https://www.earthtempleretreats.com/retreat-schedule/


Medicine Retreat Assisted with Jaya’s Somatic Sessions in Hawaii!

November 25-December 2, 2022

Athena Guzman-Poole, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner and Jaya’s old friend and colleague, is offering an amazing 7-day Medicine retreat in Hawaii that will provide space for deep healing and transformation for all participants to occur. Jaya has been invited to assist the retreat to offer Somatic Experiencing (trauma integration) sessions, as well as exercises to help to integrate the medicine.

It will be held at a stunning Eco-friendly sanctuary that is located within minutes of some of the island’s best waters to swim and see whales, dolphins, turtles and other amazing marine life.

Athena and Jaya are so joy-full for this opportunity to assist those who are called to join in re-membering themselves, and letting go of whatever doesn’t serve on the conscious, subconscious, emotional, mental and/or physical levels. In these times that are both so challenging, as well as ripening, we will come together to align with our bodies’ and Spirits’ highest wisdom, and play and enjoy together!

* This retreat is currently SOLD OUT