Mindfulness Life Coaching




Mindfulness Coaching increases awareness about how to shift what no longer feels good! These changes are often in relation to our habits, belief systems and attitudes and their affect on our all aspects of our lives. 
Mindfulness Coaching is facilitated via mindfulness practice, bringing old, stuck beliefs into awareness, integrating related bodily sensations, guided meditations (including relaxing brain wave frequencies), etc.
Here is an example of one of the teachers’ work (Mooji) that I draw from while facilitating this work:



Mindfulness Coaching integrates parts of ourselves that sabotage our overall well~being so that life is experienced with more joy and ease. It enhances clarity and our ability to flow with life, instead of against it, and unlocks our limitless potential for bringing greater happiness, health and freedom into our experience.


I have been engaged in consciousness studies world~wide for over 15 years within various spiritual and academic institutions. Some of the Masters that I have spent time with are: Vietnamese Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh, Vedantans Ramesh Balsekar and Mooji, various Yogis (listed below), Bentinho Massaro (above), Abraham Hicks, and other great teachers that have left the body. I have also completed a Life Coach Certification Program with the Certified Coaches Federation.


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